online theatre
with Fanjul & Ward


We know these days are challenging and confusing. None of us know how this will end. But what we do know is that it is absolutely important to create spaces of community, culture and connection, even when there is a social distancing. There will be many things that we will remember from these times that we face and we want Online Theatre with Fanjul&Ward to be one of those memorable spaces in your memories. This proposal, we have cured it to enrich the soul and nourish the spirit. We are creating a series of spaces, where you can choose which of them you want to be in... you can also choose to be in all of them and whatever you decide, we will be happy to have you and your loved ones in our presence.

Angélica Fanjul (Desarrollo de carrera)
+56 9 7978 2364 |

Caroline Ward (Desarrollo de personas)
+56 9 91381809 |

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