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What does it mean to compose? 

English talks about component parts. More scientific? Latin says it is about putting together. Together...yes, very latin. Old French tells us to compose is ´to place´. Something mystical, sacred. 

It is an extraordinary calling to be a composer. One is summoned to find the parts of story, an experience, a landscape or a peoples and is compelled to uncover the puzzle of how they fit together.  Then she must place the notes in a way that when they come together, the musician can catch the secret from the scratchings on the partitura, borrow them for a moment in time and share them with an audience who must be willing to journey. The composer without the musician is only half lived. And he must develop a detachment to his work and a trust for the musicians, for Life itself if he is to be free. The great composers are magicians who offer us a magic carpet ride where we are ferried away to some other time and place, where we are moved, shaken, made sublime and changed forever. 


That is a mighty expectation of one simple, humble human, don´t you think?  

Friday Night with Fanjul&Ward brings you up close and very personal with these creative genius´ and invites you to enter the intimacy of their relationship to Life and the world through the art of musical composition. 

Friday, August 7th at 8.00 p.m. (Chilean Time)


Claudia Montero, Composer 


It was the concert for harp and strings that nominated her as the best classical music album for the Latin Grammy 2018 and it is possible that this title is also a way of defining this Argentinean who lives in Valencia, "magical and mysterious".


In the words of the composer herself, "It's a difficult question to answer when it comes to my own music, I can talk about the elements that are constant and through them reach a conclusion, first of all I pursue a formal rigor, I am quite obsessed with the form, as a structure that contains the idea, the rhythmic contrast, the melodic deformations, the simple harmonies, the lyricism and the strength, I consider that my music does not offer technical difficulties when it comes to approaching it. The biggest difficulty is in understanding the message and working on the rhythmic contrasts. Sometimes it is a matter of saying a lot with little, with all that I include a sound universe where my roots, my city, with its melancholy and its strength, are always present, I could say then that I am neo-romantic, neo-classical, with very urban gestures.

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Daniel Roumain, United State


Marco Pérez-Ramirez, France/Chile


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