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The music salons in Paris in the 18th century were a space supported by women, where they could talk, have an opinion and live an intellectually rich and nourishing life.

This place was attended by philosophers, scientists, writers, artists, etc. and of course this space was accompanied by music.

And we love the idea of emulating that space online, with rich conversations that make us think beyond the thoughts we always have.


Graciela Huinao nació en Osorno, Chile, el 14 de octubre de 1956. Estudió en la Escuela 107. Cuando tenía 13 años, perdió a su madre y 8 años más tarde, en 1977, a su padre y emigró a Santiago. Huinao publicó su primer poema, «La loika», en 1989 y su primer libro Walinto, en 2001 (fue reeditado en 2008 en mapudungún, español e inglés). El nombre de este poemario es el de la comunidad mapuche en la que nació, ubicada a 36 kilómetros de Osorno.
Ha escrito asimismo relatos, una novela y antologado algunos libros, como Hilando en la memoria, 7 poetas mapuche (2006), Hilando en la memoria, epu rapa. 14 mujeres poetas mapuche (2009).
Fue la primera mujer indígena en ingresar en la Academia Chilena de la Lengua.

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Saturday, August 22, 4 p.m. (Chilean time)



Special Guest: Graciela Huinao, Poet

When I called Graciela to arrange this conversation, we agreed that it would be on Saturday the 22nd, because the Saturday after that she would go to the field to sow... and this is what this woman poet does... SOW. Graciela Huinao -as well as the Mapuche world in general- lives from her memories, from her stories, from what her ancestors told her. Her oral tradition is strong and contains a lot of power. It may be the same for all peoples and cultures, only that immediacy somehow tries to make us believe that we no longer have time.

Talking to a Mapuche poet, and a Mapuche poet at that, is a conversation with time, with dreams, with stories... it is a conversation where it is not only us and you, but also our loved ones... those who have even crossed over into the blue... and that is our invitation for this Saturday.

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Elicura Chihuailaf, oralitor and poet
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Carola Fuentes, journalist
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María Olga Delpiano, journalist 
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Lucia Newman, journalist and Al Jazeera Correspondent
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