It is an experience for composers from different parts of the world to take part in 6 sessions in which they will be able to work with composers Marco Pérez Ramírez and Carlos Zamora, where they will explore alternative approaches to composing for string quartet.


French-Chilean composer, he was born in Santiago de Chile.


After studying classical guitar with Alberto Ponce, he went on to study composition, as well as mathematics at university level. He was first exposed to 20th century music, before exploring romantic, classical and baroque music, so there is no sense of chronological progression in his studies: "His experience differs from that of many of his colleagues. His unorthodox path gives his music a clearly personal strength (Tristan Murail)".


After receiving awards from the Aram Khatchaturian Foundation, the Boucourechliev Foundation and UNESCO, he was selected to join the Ircam Composition and Computer Music Course in 1996.


After these experiences, his meeting with Luca Francesconi was essential for his creative development. "From the first glance at his scores I noticed the impulse and fire of a real composer. His musical material is full of life and ideas, burning with great intensity. His peculiar taste for sound is like looking for poetry in matter: in a certain way he listens to what I would call the expressiveness of matter (Luca Francesconi) ".


His music has been widely performed in places like the Venice Biennale, the Paris Philharmonic, Salle Pleyel, La Fenice Theatre, the Cité de la Musique, the Enescu Festival in Bucharest... by ensembles and orchestras such as the Radio France Philharmonic Orchestra, the National Orchestra of France, the Théâtre de la Fenice Orchestra, the Bucharest Symphony Orchestra, the Ensemble Intercontemporain, the Ile de France National Orchestra, the Strasbourg Philharmonic Orchestra, the Strasbourg Percussions.


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Chilean composer, who currently lives in the city of York in the United Kingdom. His music has been performed on five continents and he is currently one of the Chilean composers whose music is most performed both in Chile and abroad.

Zamora's catalogue exceeds one hundred works, almost all of which have been premiered and recorded on more than 27 compact discs. In them, Zamora's interest in the recontextualisation of the sound imaginary of pre-Columbian cultures, especially in the north of Chile, is clearly evident.

Since 2016 he has been based in the city of York, England, where he completed his PhD in Composition at the University of York, under the supervision of Thomas Simaku. During this period he received the two prizes awarded by the University: "Sir Jack Lyons Award 2016" for composing a Concerto for Recorder and Chamber Orchestra, and the "Terry Holmes Commission Award 2017" for composing a Concerto for Piano and Orchestra.

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Born from the initiative and artistic projection of a group of young people who participated in the First Portillo Music Festival, held in January 2019, who decided to consolidate and professionalize this group to disseminate in our environment the repertoire of chamber music for strings, both classical and music of Latin American composers. 

The Cuarteto Artes has performed in different venues, such as Galería de Artes CV Vitacura, Galería de Artes Patricia Ready, Vitacura, Hotel Portillo (Los Andes), Hotel Tierra Chiloé, as well as having participated for the second time in the International Music Festival Portillo 2020. They have received classes from the maestro Alejandra Urrutia, the renowned masters of the Blair String Quartet and the American String Quartet. In January this year, they premiere at the closing of the Festival Internacional de Música Portillo 2021, the work "Suite Portillo" written by the Chilean composer Carlos Zamora.

Members: Marlly Palacios, Violin; Jairo González, Violin; Rodrigo Rodríguez, Viola; Germán Vega, Violoncello.

How Will We Do It??

Each active student will have:

  • 4 lessons (online) of 40 minutes each with one of the teachers.

  • 1 rehearsal session with the quartet and both teachers.

  • 1 question and answer session with both teachers.



  • Quota 8 active students per teacher.

  • Quotas for passive students (can observe and be part of all classes).


The concert in progress will be by streaming, where the quartet will perform the works worked on and where each of the students will briefly present his or her work.


The piece will have a duration of 5 minutes and will be for string quartet.

What is the cost per student?


Cost per active student: USD350

Cost per passive student: USD140


If you are interested in taking part, you can sign up now.

If you need to find someone to sponsor you, connect with us and we can help you find sponsors, for this you need to propose:

  • What will be the amount you will put in

  • Share with them why you want to be part of the Fanjul&Ward Composition Camps.

  • And dedicate the work you do to them in the name of whoever supports you


What will happen after the Composition Camps?


  • The Editorial Nacional from Chile will publish the works of all participants of the Composition Camps.

  • Two quartets will be chosen to be performed by musicians of the Sinfonie Orchester Biel Solothurn.

  • After the demo concert, a recording of each of the works will be made and passed on to each student. 


Until Wednesday 31 March 2021