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It is an experience for composers from different parts of the world to be part of 8 sessions in which they will be able to work with the composer Carlos Zamora, where they will explore alternatives to face composition for voice, piano and declamation with Camila Aguilera, mezzo-soprano, Carolina Arredondo Dillems, piano and Paulina García, actress. 

The works will be based on the poems of the Chilean poet and Nobel Prize winner Gabriela Mistral.


How will we do this?

Each active student will have:

  • 1 session (online) of analysis of the selected poem with the actress Paulina García.

  • 4 online classes of 40 minutes each with the teacher and composer Carlos Zamora.

  • 1 online rehearsal session with the mezzo-soprano, pianist and actress.

  • 1 question and answer session with the teacher and composer Carlos Zamora.

  • 1 open Q&A session and voluntary attendance for all participants (active and listeners).

  • Todas las sesiones serán online excepto los conciertos que será online y presencial.


There will be a quota of 10 active students. (There will be places for passive students, i.e. students who can observe and take part in all the classes). The piece will have a maximum duration of 5 minutes and will be for voice, piano and declamation.


How to be part of the Composition Camps?

Students will receive a full scholarship.​

  • Those who wish to participate as active students must submit a recent work of their own authorship (score) in PDF format. It is suggested to attach a recording in mp3 format, either with real instruments or music editing software (not compulsory).

  • Attach a 250-word biography in Times New Roman. 

  • Send an individual photo

  • You can download the calendar of classes for the Composition Camps HERE, so that when you apply you can be sure that you will be able to attend all the classes.

  • Fill in the application information HERE

Application Deadline: July 5th 2022

Closing date for applications: July 29th

Notice to selected applicants: 5 August 2022

Email to send applications:

How will it work once you are part of the Composition Camps?

  • Selected active students must choose a poem by Gabriela Mistral from a set of poems that F&W will make available.

  • Active students commit themselves to attend the seven sessions that correspond to them, without prejudice to the possibility of attending classes with other students as listeners.

  • The students/composers will dedicate their works to the children of Montegrande.

  • Student listeners are entitled to participate in all classes and activities of the Fanjul&Ward 2022 Composition Camps.

Who are the artists in residence at the Composition Camps?

Carlos Zamora 5.jpg



Chilean composer, who currently lives in the city of York in the United Kingdom. His music has been performed on five continents and he is currently one of the Chilean composers whose music is most performed both in Chile and abroad.

Zamora's catalogue exceeds one hundred works, almost all of which have been premiered and recorded on more than 27 compact discs. In them, Zamora's interest in the recontextualisation of the sound imaginary of pre-Columbian cultures, especially in the north of Chile, is clearly evident.

Since 2016 he has been based in the city of York, England, where he completed his PhD in Composition at the University of York, under the supervision of Thomas Simaku. During this period he received the two prizes awarded by the University: "Sir Jack Lyons Award 2016" for composing a Concerto for Recorder and Chamber Orchestra, and the "Terry Holmes Commission Award 2017" for composing a Concerto for Piano and Orchestra.

If you want to know more about the composer::


She studied acting at the Theatre School of the Pontificia Universidad Católica. She made her television debut in the serie  "Los títeres" (1984), where she played the villain of the story, Adriana Godán. She quickly stood out for directing great plays and for the different characterizations with which she imbued her characters, such as in "Tres noches de un sábado" (2002), "Cachimba" (2004), "Casa de remolienda" (2007) "Cárcel de mujeres" (2008), "Gloria" (2013), "Las analfabetas" (2013), "La novia del desierto" (2017), "La Cordillera La cordillera" and "Algunas bestias" (2019).

Thanks to the feature film "Gloria" by director Sebastián Lelio, she won the Silver Bear in the "Best Actress" category at the Berlin International Film Festival.

In 2014, Paulina García was honoured at the first Platino Ibero-American Film Awards in the category of "Best Female Performance".

In 2015, she played Pablo Escobar's mother in the series "Narcos" produced by Netflix.

The following year, she was called to co-star alongside Greg Kinnear in the film "Little Man" directed and written by director Ira Sachs. This film earned her a nomination at the 2017 Independet Spirit Awards.

Currently, she participated in the film "Mis hermanos sueñan despiertos" directed by Claudia Huaquimilla, a production inspired by the experiences of a group of children interned in one of the Sename centres. The film won the Pudú de Oro award in the Feature Film competition at the Valdivia Film Festival.

Foto Paulina García.jpg
Camila Aguilera 1.jpeg

CAMILA AGUILERA, mezzo-soprano

Mezzo-soprano from Copiapó, student of the first generation (2020-2022) of the Ibáñez-Atkinson Young Artist Program (FIA-YAP), a pioneering programme for the development of young talent housed at the Teatro Municipal de Santiago, under the teachings of vocal coach John Norris and maestro Jorge Hevia.
This November she will make her debut at the Teatro Municipal de Santiago, singing the role of Rosette in the opera Manon by J. Massenet, under the direction of maestro Pedro-Pablo Prudencio.
She has been awarded a scholarship for the last three years by the Corporación Amigos del Teatro Municipal. She was a finalist in the Women in Music III Competition 2019, of the Chilean Chapter of the NWMA and the IMUAH and semi-finalist in the competitions Ópera Laguna Mágica 2020 and the Paris Opera Competition (online) 2021.
She began her musical studies at the Liceo de Música de Copiapó, under the teachings of baritone, choral and orchestral conductor, Rodrigo Tapia Salfate. In 2016 she moved to Santiago to study at the Universidad Alberto Hurtado (UAH), under the guidance of Viviana Hernández Silva. Graduating with a degree in Music with mention in singing (2019) and receiving her professional title of Superior Performer with mention in singing (2020).
During her time at the UAH she participated as a soloist in Seasonal and Extension Teaching Concerts.
She was selected for the absolute debut of the role "Ella/Violeta Parra" (leading role) in the opera "La Rara" (to be performed in November 2022) by the composer René Silva.
She has worked as a support chorister in the Professional Choir of the Municipal Theatre of Santiago. Also in the Chamber Choir of the Teatro del Lago, Frutillar and is currently part of Ignis Camerata Vocal.
She has been trained in conducting with teachers such as Paula Torres Ayala, Néstor Zadoff, Rodrigo Tapia Salfate and Victor Hugo Toro. She is currently taking classes with the outstanding orchestral conductor Ninoska Medel.



Pianist. She began her studies at the age of 6, graduating in Bachelor of Arts with a mention in Music Theory at the University of Chile, in Choral Conducting at the Catholic University of Chile and is currently finishing a degree in Music Pedagogy.

She has worked as a co-repetitive pianist at the Institute of Music of the Catholic University of Chile, the Faculty of Arts of the University of Chile and the Municipal Theatre of Santiago. Places where she has worked musically with great national and international conductors.  She has conducted various groups of solo singers, choirs and orchestral groups. As a teacher she has participated in youth orchestra projects and as a musical and artistic director she has conducted in Plaza de Armas in Santiago for the International Women's Day, the Women's Philharmonic Orchestra, with Javiera Parra, Mamma's Soul and the outstanding soprano Patricia Cifuentes, in 2015 she conducted the New Music Orchestra in the Municipal Theatre of Santiago paying tribute to the native peoples and between 2018 and 2019 she worked performing musicals and opera in UnrealStage Academy.

Carolina Arredondo Dillems 1.jpeg

What will happen after the Composition Camps? 

  • The National Publishing House of Chile will publish the works of all the participants of the Composition Camps.

  • There will be a model concert, in which all the works will be recorded and passed on to the students so that they have their own material to show their work.

  • All the works will be dedicated to the children of Montegrande.

  • A concert will be held in Santiago.

  • A concert will be held in Montegrande (to be confirmed).

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