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"He is the most frequently programmed Chilean composer.

And now, having conquered the local scene, he is also resonating abroad.

"Romina de la Sotta Donoso, El Mercurio Newspaper, 12 of july, 2012

"Carlos Zamora is an extraordinary composer, his musical production draws on a deep knowledge of avant-garde techniques while being deeply rooted in the Tradition of the ancestral Cultures of Latin America. This unique union of erudition and creative freshness makes his works not only wonderful for those who listen to them but also produces (and I assure you from my own experience) a profound pleasure in those of us who have the joy of performing them".

Alejandro Iglesias Rossi 


Orquesta de Instrumentos Autóctonos y Nuevas Tecnologías


"Carlos Zamora is one of the most relevant Chilean composers today, as well as one of the most performed in our country and abroad, with a catalog that covers almost all genres and important awards".

José Oplustil, Radio Beethoven

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